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Summary Review – EPA Research: COVID-19 Ozone And Aerosol Treatment

Over the course of several months in 2021, The EPA’s Office of Research and Development (ORD), under the auspices of the EPA’s COVID-19 research program, evaluated the effectiveness of different technologies including Griganrd Pure for reducing the level of SARS-CoV-2 virus particle in the air. This document presents the Summary Findings together with additional data and commentary provided by Grignard Pure.

Private Lab Testing: Microchem

In May, 2020, we contracted with a leading lab for airborne viral testing, to conduct rigorous tests on Grignard Pure’s effectiveness and efficacy. The results show that Grignard Pure kills more than 98% of the airborne virus particles.  Reach out to us to request a full copy of the report.

EPA Office Of Research And Development Presentation

COVID 19 Research: Ozone and Aerosol Treatment

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Inhalation Exposure To Triethylene Glycol (TEG) In Grignard Pure Products

This June 2022 position paper is authored by TSG Consulting, one of the world’s leading provider of regulatory and scientific consulting services. The paper presents a comprehensive assessment of existing toxicology literature encompassing glycols including TEG to affirm the low risks associated with Grignard Pure.

Risk Assessment For Use Of Grignard Pure

This April 2022 paper is authored by Nelson Labs, the industry-leading, global provider of laboratory testing and expert advisory services. The paper focuses on tolerable exposure for TEG by Inhalation Route and the associated risk assessment for use of Grignard Pure.

Assessing The Safety Of Grignard Pure

This document, co-prepared by William Jordan, former Deputy Director, Office of Pesticide Programs at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Jack Caravanos, Clinical Professor of Environmental Public Health Services at NYU’s School of Global Public Health, presents a comprehensive overview of the history of the extensive testing conducted on the active ingredient in Grignard Pure.over the past eighty years.

Health & Safety Fact Sheet

Download the Grignard Pure Health and Safety Fact Sheet and get the facts about Grignard Pure.

Toxicology Risk Assessment

In May, 2020, we contracted with Intrinsik, a globally-recognized scientific and regulatory consulting firm providing expert regulatory and toxicology advice, to conduct a Toxicology Risk Assessment on Grignard Pure. Intrinsik’s evaluation confirmed the product is safe for use, when used as directed and exposed to a population for extended periods of time.

Get the facts about Grignard Pure

Health and Safety

Grignard Pure, LLC markets its products in strict accordance with EPA registrations. Currently the Company can market Arresta for the purpose of mold and mildew odor elimination and prevention. (The Emergency Exemption issued by the EPA to Grignard Pure to deploy the product against the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the air ended on January 14, 2023.) The Company has multiple patents pending for additional products based on claims it is seeking EPA to approve. Use of a Grignard Pure product must be in strict accordance with the product label.


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A Comparison Of Grignard Pure With Ventilation And Filtration Strategies

This white paper addresses the use of Grignard Pure as an additional layer of protection against the spread of SARS-CoV-2, working in conjunction with proper air filtration and ventilation strategies. It is authored by former EPA Office of Pesticide Programs Deputy Director, William Jordan, together with three members of Grignard Pure’s independent engineering advisory team.

Case Study: New Amsterdam Theatre Proof-Of-Concept: Distribution And Control Of Grignard Pure

This case study details the engineering proof-of-concept conducted at The Disney New Amsterdam Theatre in New York City, in October 2021, which successfully demonstrated the ability of Grignard Pure to be delivered effectively and expediently throughout the entirety of the interior of the theater.

White Paper: New Amsterdam Theatre Proof-Of-Concept:  Ventilation Studies

This white paper benchmarks the ventilation rates and filtration efficacy inside The Disney New Amsterdam Theatre in New York City, during the engineering proof-of-concept conducted in October 2021.


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